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This series was taken in Koli National Park (Finland). I fell in love with Koli long before I had a chance to visit this amazing place. Once I saw the postcard with the famous view over the lake Pielinen, and that was it - love at first sight. 
That day was very foggy, and everyone said it was not a good idea to go for a hike, but I went anyway. I don't think I've ever seen the forest this beautiful and mysterious, and Koli so magnificent. I was completely silenced and overwhelmed with narrow, almost invisible paths, soft air, steep white cliffs, and treetops dissolving in a thick fog. I walked through a misty pine grove, lush herb-rich forest with brooks and ponds, and dark, dense spruce woods. It was like walking through a fairytale. Like if I was in a different realm where nature was breathing and moving with me, shifting... and letting me embrace its magic. It was so simple and yet so powerful. It was all I needed.



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